Jean, Beds

In recent years I have suffered with arthritis especially in my back. Finding it more difficult to bend and be as agile without a lot of pain, I wanted an alternative to taking painkillers and thought id try reflexology. After an initial introduction, Jo got to work. It was an enjoyable and relaxing experience. The following day I found I was free from pain, although I did ache a little. After subsequent treatments, the ache disappeared and I forgot I had a bad back. Whenever my back pain resurfaces, I don’t hesitate to make an appointment to see Jo.

Julie, Herts

Since turning 40 a couple of years ago I started I found that my period pains were increasingly getting worse. A friend suggested reflexology to me - I was sceptical at first but I had nothing to lose. I booked an appointment with Jo and within 2 sessions I noticed a difference. It was amazing! My monthly pains that had been unbearable at times were no longer an issue. I could not believe the difference. Jo made me feel at ease right from the start - lovely lady who I would highly recommend!

Karen, London

I was very lucky to have an amazing treatment with Jo and it really brought excellent results. I felt so relaxed and comfortable in her presence, and her hands were gentle yet confident, she knows her stuff! I felt it was still working the next day as my body adjusted and released, and have felt good since. Well worth trying, and I highly recommend you trust Jo with your self-care

Francoise, London

Jo was a lovely practitioner, very friendly and attentive. The session went like a flash, sadly. Her touch is lovely, soothing and relaxing, and her manner is impeccable. Cannot recommend her enough.

Joe, London

I had my first reflexology treatment with Jo and even though I have regular massages, this was so relaxing and relieved a lot of tension in my body which you only realise you had after the treatment. I would highly recommend this to anyone who hasn't had it and I would highly recommend Jo even if you have already had reflexology somewhere else

Hannah, London

My first experience of reflexology was fantastic. Within minutes of starting I Had an overwhelming urge to close my eyes. I felt hugely relaxed and stayed in a state similar to a meditation or a light sleep for the whole treatment. Afterwards I felt really calm and relaxed. I highly recommend Jo- she has a lovely manner and is clearly very skilled.