Baby & Toddler Reflexology 

NEW Baby & Toddler Reflex Qualified Prac

Learn how to calm and soothe your baby using the reflexology techniques.


The sessions are open to Parents, Guardians and Grandparents with babies aged between 4 weeks - to crawling.


Benefits of baby reflexology;

  • It can aid the wellbeing of babies

  • Increases bonding between parent and child (proven to be essential in child development)

  • Helps soothe many common ailments and discomforts (such as wind, teething)

  • Can aid baby's sleep

  • A skill that can be used for life! It can provide some calm in what can be quite a disturbed time.


The reflexology techniques i teach can also help reduce many common baby ailments such as;

  • Colic

  • Constipation

  • Reflux 

  • Teething 

  • Techniques to improve sleep

  • Techniques to calm your baby

Plus many more.....

The 3 workshops are;


  • Workshop 1: Feeding and Digestion

  • Workshop 2: Sleeping and Comforting

  • Workshop 3: Teething and Well-being

The workshops run on a group basis or one-to-one. My group workshops are run on a on-demand basis so please get in touch to book your workshop or to enquire about the next group session running in your area.

Baby's Feet

Baby Reflexology workshop prices

  • On demand Baby Reflexology group workshops - £45

    • 3 x 45 min workshops

    • A5 charts you can take home which show you the reflex points 

    • A free video at the end of the course, to demonstrate the things you will learn during the course 

    • Use of sponge baby feet to practice the techniques in the class

    • Ongoing support from a baby reflex practitioner (me) to ask any questions or queries during and after the course

    • £10 off a 75 min reflexology appointment for yourself that can be used within the next year (normally priced £55)

  • One-to-one sessions - £80

    • 2 x 1 hour sessions​

    • Sessions tailored to the baby's needs

The toddler stage can be one of the most stressful stages for parents, learning some reflexology techniques can bring calm when times can get a bit stressful.

You can use these hand reflexology techniques as and when you need, being something you can draw on at any time.

The sessions consist of 2x 1 hour sessions and centre around improving your toddlers wellbeing. You can come to the sessions yourself or with your little one.

Age requirement: Crawling to 4 year old (approx).

Tiny Hands

Toddler Reflexology prices

One to one sessions, 2 x 1 hour sessions - £80